Nerds at Play
We're nerds, and these are games we play.
One Thousand Blank White Cards is a distinctly Discordian game, where players make their own cards from a pile of blanks. The game's rules, pre se, are only what the players agree to. In my experience, every game is different. Here's our gallery of cards we've made. Broken Picture Telephone is basically the mouth-to-ear grapevine game you've probably played as a kid. This uses drawing and the written word to mangle a phrase as it's passed down the line. For some reason, this game was introduced to us at Con of the North under the name "Eee! Poopy Cat".
Roleplaying Games
Chain of Being: The RPG of Epic Absurdity

Other Board Games
Fireball Island
Power Grid

Other Card Games
Werewolf AKA Mafia, and Ultimate Werewolf
The Great Dalmuti
Cripple Mr. Onion
Collaborative Comics are a fun way to pass the time if you've caught up with the queue in B.P.T. and are waiting. Here are some selections.
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